10-Minute Cyborg Costume


Well… sort of. The more robotic touches you want to have, the longer your costume will take to finish.

I love Halloween but tend to procrastinate on costume-making. This year, my wonderful sister bought me robot pants as a birthday present (Mitmunk’s bionic leggings, they are well-made and comfy and glorious and I cannot recommend them enough if you are in need of robot pants. No one paid me to say that). I decided to paint on a bionic arm to complement the pants.

Disclaimer: I’ve never used body paint before. It’s fun as heck but make sure you take the same precautions as regular paint (wear old clothes, put a tarp/towel down, etc.)

Robot arm body paint 1


The colours I used were Wolfe silver and black, and Mehron storm cloud (darker grey). I used a Quo makeup sponge and dollar-store paintbrush to apply the paint.

I was planning to wear this to hand out candy to the kids in my neighbourhood: is the bloody edge too scary? I think it looked better before I added red paint.

Robot arm body paint 2Robot arm body paint 3


Not bad for a first attempt, but I definitely want to play around more. Plus, I’ll have to figure out a face design to match. I’m going to channel my inner Major Kusanagi and see what I can come up with…

Happy (almost) Halloween!

Traveling In Style – DIY Vintage Book Grid-It


Did you see this project featured on Lifehacker last year? A Grid-It lets you store your odds and ends when you travel so they don’t rattle around in the bottom of your pack. The minute I saw it, I knew I had to try it out. The catch: I’m a bibliophile. I love books, especially old books, and the thought of butchering a poor helpless tome with an X-acto knife makes me cringe. I’m also an absentminded bibliophile, though, and had managed to buy 2 of the exact same used copy of The Silmarillion. I sacrificed one for the sake of making a kick-ass present, and saved the guts in order to learn how to book bind (I’ll give you a new home one day, my precioussss…)

Silmarillion Grid-It 1

I made one modification to the original tutorial from Design*Sponge: I couldn’t find any black rubberized fabric, so I used regular black fabric instead. A few coats of Mod Podge stiffened it up nicely, and allowed me to attach a map of Middle-Earth, in case its new owner ever gets lost.

Silmarillion Grid-It 2

It’s well worth the effort. If I can ever bring myself to cut up a book again, I’m definitely making one to keep.