Guest Feature: Crochet a Yoshi Egg

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Yoshi Egg

This adorable crocheted Yoshi Egg tutorial comes from my fellow Canadians at Girls on GamesThis pattern is for the egg, not the Yoshi (he’s the Amiibo).

From time to time I receive questions about how to get started with knitting or crochet, and my advice is generally 1) ask a friend who crafts or join a community group and 2) Google and YouTube have tutorials on pretty much anything you can imagine. But this is even better! You get step-by-step instructions from Princess Peach herself, aka cosplayer Sophie Jouin, who also created the free pattern :)

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 2.13.15 PM

If you’d like to make a Yoshi Egg, check out the video by Girls on Games, and the pattern posted on Nintendo’s website.

If you’d like me to feature your project on DIY Geekery, you can contact me by email at Happy making :)

Guest Feature: Farscape Moya Starship

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Today’s guest feature is a lovely free pattern for the organic starship Moya from Farscape, courtesy of Jana Whitley.

Here it is in all its glory… as you know I have a soft spot for cuddly starships.

Moya 1 Moya 2

Gorgeous! She publishes all sorts of geeky patterns on her Ravelry page: lots of delightful Disney with a splash of Marvel, Potter, LOTR… and Farscape of course. My favourite pattern (not free, but quite reasonable at $2.99) is this squee-worthy Black Mage from Final Fantasy:

Black Mage

Thanks for sharing Jana!


Guest Feature: Comic Book Guitar

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Today’s guest feature is from Annotated Audrey: she makes mixed media art and posted a delightful Wonder Woman DIY comic book guitar project, complete with step-by-step progress photos and tutorial.

Love the red sunburst effect on the front, and the metallic accents. I’m a sucker for shiny things :)

Annotated Audrey Wonder Woman guitarAnnotated Audrey Wonder Woman guitar 2

Audrey also uses Mod Podge for her mixed media art with lovely results. Mod Podge is wonderful stuff… remember those X-men shoes and Vintage Book Grid-It I posted a while ago? This guitar makes me want to start playing with it again…

Just a caveat if you’re trying this project… if you cover the wood on an acoustic guitar it will affect the sound somewhat…

Thanks for sharing your project, Audrey!