Amigurumi and Crochet Patterns

Links to the original patterns I’ve posted so far, for any crafters, makers, geeks or other happy mutants who’d like them.  All are free to use and share (non-commercially, of course).

Creative Commons License

     Basic Human(oid) Pattern


Panda 1           Baby Panda

Octopus square           Octopus

     Red Blood Cell 

skull side view          Skull

    White Blood Cell

Anime and Comics

Lying cat closeup     Saga: Lying Cat

     Spirited Away: No-Face (Kaonashi)


Green pig Christmas ornament 2     Angry Birds: Green Pig (mini ornament)

     Mass Effect: Blasto

Garrus close up     Mass Effect: Garrus

     Mass Effect: Legion

     Mass Effect: Liara

     Mass Effect: Reaper

     Mass Effect: Shepard

     Mass Effect: Thane

     Mass Effect: Volus



Batman baby beanie with ears     Bat-Baby Beanie

     Hercule Poirot

     Pirate Eyepatch


6 thoughts on “Amigurumi and Crochet Patterns

    1. That’s great! I wouldn’t start with him as the very first thing you make, though, or you might get a teensy bit frustrated. Nerdigurumi has awesome step-by-step tutorials for folks new to crochet. Once you know the basics, anything is possible muahahahaha…

  1. I just want to say, and I hope it’s not weird, but I love you. Mass Effect is my favorite video game! Anyways, are the abreviations you use in the patterns standard for amigurumi? I know how to crochet but have never done amigurumi and would like to try it out on your hanar pattern. Okay, you’re awesome.

    1. Thank you :D

      The abbreviations are standard (I think), and I list them out at the start of every pattern just in case you’re used to a different system. I hope you have fun making your hanar!

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