Hi :) You’re reading my blog. I post things I’ve made, and how to make them if you want one too. I make crafty things inspired by gaming, science, comics, or whatever strange idea I happen to have at the moment. You can even make yourself a wearable hyperbolic plane, if you so desire. All the patterns and tutorials are free, but not for commercial use (CC BY-NC-SA).

Want to show off your project on DIYGeekery? Is it geeky and are there instructions on how to make it? Leave me a comment or send me an email at diygeekery@gmail.com and I’d be happy to share your project in a guest feature (with attribution and links to you of course).

Want to buy one of my projects? You can’t. Sorry. I do this for fun: my tutorials are free but you’ll have to make it yourself. I also feature other makers I’ve met in Magnificent Makers posts… many of them do sell their work, so check them out!

9 thoughts on “About

  1. hello and sorry for the alias in the name field – but i would have preferred to contact you via e-mail (but was perhaps too stupid to find a contact form or mail address on the blog).
    the background: i wrote a book about geek craft (to be publised this summer, german publisher).one of the chapters features commmented links (recommendations of course) to 2 of your projects, so would like to ask you if it might be possible to include pictures as well.
    thus i would be superhappy if you could contact me (see the email in the email field – which is also my real name). thank you!

  2. I see that you’re a Mass Effect fan. I was kind of hoping that maybe you’d be up for a suggestion for a plushie? Hopeful plea: I really, really would looooove to see either an Elcor pattern or maybe Urdnot Wrex?

    1. So would I :D

      I’m working on a few projects at the moment but I would love to tackle a krogan. Not literally. I’ve been wondering whether the felt technique I used for Garrus would work for Wrex too…

  3. Hi, DIY Geekery!

    I saw the couple of cross stitch designs you did – they’re adorkable! Do check out our new GOGO Cross Stitch app where you can cross stitch right on your phone! It’s now available for Apple and Android devices. Let me know if you do a new design so we can feature it on our Facebook page!

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