World’s Tiniest Batman Costume (Crochet Baby Beanie)

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Warning: dressing your baby up as Batman is ridiculously cute and may make your head explode.

In honour of my new baby nephew, I made a pattern for a Batman baby beanie.  It’s quick to crochet: I made it in a few hours while visiting in the hospital, and that’s taking into account figuring out how to crochet a Bat-symbol.  The photos aren’t great: I just held up the hat in the hospital window and took a hand-selfie (my nephew is much cuter than my hand, but I didn’t want to put his photo all over teh Interwebs.)

If you’re going for full Bat-awesomeness, make the hat with ears:
Batman baby beanie with earsOr just make the beanie and Bat-symbol for a toned-down version (just an in-progess shot… of course I made Bat-ears):

Batman baby beanie no ears

What you’ll need:

  • baby-soft yarn in black and yellow (I used Caron Simply Soft, worsted weight)
  • size G/4.25mm crochet hook
  • yarn needle
  • a baby

Step 1: Make a beanie

You can use whatever pattern you like.  Use black yarn.  I’ve written up the pattern I made, but since the lil’ guy was born early you’ll probably want to make it bigger for a full-term newborn.  Stitches used are double crochet (dc), front post double crochet (fpdc), and back post double crochet (bpdc).  If you’re not familiar with fpdc and bpdc, these stitches are a great addition to your bag of tricks and will let you make ribs, cables, and all sorts of neat effects.  Here they’re used to make a stretchy ribbed border to hold the hat on.

  1. 8 dc in magic ring (8)
  2. ch 2, then 2 dc in each dc x 8, sl st into 1st dc of row to close circle (16)
  3. ch 2, then *dc, 2dc in next dc* x 8, sl st into 1st dc of row (24)
  4. ch 2, then *dc x 2, 2dc in next dc* x 8, sl st into 1st dc of row (32)
  5. if you’re going to make the hat bigger, keep increasing in this row (or start with more than 8 dc in your initial magic ring), otherwise ch 2 and dc around, sl st into 1st dc of row (32)
  6. ch 2, dc around, sl st into 1st dc of row (32)
  7. ch 2, dc around, sl st into 1st dc of row (32)
  8. ch 2, dc around, sl st into 1st dc of row (32)
  9. keep going with dc around rows if your hat isn’t long enough, otherwise ch 2, *bpdc, fpdc* x 16, sl st into 1st bpdc of row (32)
  10. ch 2, *bpdc, fpdc* x 16, sl st into 1st bpdc of row (32) (note that each bpdc should go into a bpdc, and each fpdc should go into a fpdc… this makes ribs)
  11. ch 2, *bpdc, fpdc* x 16, sl st into 1st bpdc of row (32)
  12. FO and weave in tail

Step 2: Make a Bat-symbol

Chain 30 with yellow yarn.  St st into the 1st chain to make a loop, and go around as shown in the picture.  Slip stitch into each chain around (little circles), with exceptions shown in the drawing (each group of stitches described goes into a single chain).  Leave a long tail and use it to sew the Bat-symbol onto the hat.

Bat symbol crochet


Step 3 (optional): Make Bat-ears

Use black yarn, make 2.  To quote my brother-in-law, these are more Michael Keaton than Adam West.  Feel free to adjust according to your favourite era of Bat-costume :)

  1. 3 sc in magic ring (3)
  2. sc around (3)
  3. inc, sc x 2 (4)
  4. sc around (4)
  5. inc, sc x 3 (5)
  6. sc around (5)
  7. inc, sc x 4 (6)
  8. sc around (6)
  9. *inc, sc x 2* x 2 (8)
  10. sc around (8)
  11. *inc, sc x 3* x 2 (10)
  12. sc around (10)
  13. *inc, sc x 4* x 2 (12)
  14. sc around (12)
  15. hdc, dc x 3, hdc x 3, sl st, FO and leave long tail to sew to hat (this makes one side longer so they fit on the side of the hat)

Squish the ears flat and sew to the sides of the hat.  Nana nana nana Baby Batman!!!  (Or Batgirl!!!)

5 thoughts on “World’s Tiniest Batman Costume (Crochet Baby Beanie)

  1. I’m having a hard time reading the symbols for the logo. Could you possibly type them out? i.e. s1 or SL?If s1, is that a single crochet stitch? What is s4? Thanks!

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