Garrus Vakarian Amigurumi/Plushie Pattern

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Remember the time I said I was working on a Garrus amigurumi, but I never finished or posted it? Me neither. That must have been someone else who doesn’t get distracted by starting too many projects before finishing the old ones.

I learned that I can’t crochet a turian face with enough detail for a 6″/15cm amigurumi. On the other hand, making an amigurumi base and adding felt details got me this:

  DIYgeekery Garrus Vakarian close upHere’s the rest of him:

DIYgeekery Garrus Vakarian 2

DIYgeekery Garrus Vakarian 1

I’m not entirely sure whether this is an amigurumi or a plushie, but it’s really easy to make if you know basic crochet and don’t mind a bit of felt sewing. Everything you need to know is in the pattern here…

Mass Effect: Garrus Vakarian amigurumi pattern

The scarred face bits are made with textured felt: you could always distress a piece of regular felt if you can’t find fancy stuff at your neighbourhood craft store. The fringe part stays up with wires, but you could leave that out if you’re making him for young kids, or someone who likes to chew on turians.

What character (gaming or otherwise) would you like to see next? I’m suffering a lack of inspiration due to the beautiful weather, at least in regards to craft-making. Anyone interested in a summer craft exchange?

9 thoughts on “Garrus Vakarian Amigurumi/Plushie Pattern

  1. My son asked and I made one for him. He loves it. Thanks for posting the pattern. I crocheted and knitted the face. I’ll send you a pic or two if you’d like but I’m not sure how to post it. He’s a fun pattern. :)

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