DIY Yarn Dyeing… Have Alpacas, Want Clothes

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One of my co-workers raises alpacas on her farm.  How cool is that?  Admittedly, I skipped a lot of steps between alpacas and clothing since I bought the yarn from her.

It turns out that animal fibres are pretty easy to dye: no mess, no hazmat suits, and no ruined kitchen pots.  I used this dyeing tutorial from It’s A Stitch Up: the whole process went just as described, quick and easy.

So, yarn + Kool-Aid + vinegar…

Alpaca yarn pre with Kool-Aid

Makes beautiful colours!

Alpaca yarn postThat’s 450g of fingering-weight alpaca yarn, dyed with 10 packs of Kool-Aid.  There are some irregularities in the colour where the yarn was tied: I initially thought about re-dyeing it, but when I knitted it up, I liked the effect.

Danish shawl close-up

The end result is more feminine than my usual style, but perfect for the winter climate.  The knitting pattern I used was the Mie Danish shawl from the Filcolana yarn company: you can find the English translation by Exchanging Fire on her blog (thanks!)

Danish shawl finishedI feel pretty, oh so pretty…

2 thoughts on “DIY Yarn Dyeing… Have Alpacas, Want Clothes

    1. Thanks :) I didn’t get fancy and try multicolour dyeing yet. I’ve seen some gorgeous DIYs but I’m not too sure how well I can get the colours to perfectly separate out.

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