F Yeah Cross Stitch

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I’ve finally taken the plunge and finished a cross stitch project.  Also, I’m not dead (yay), I’ve just been busy.  I sidestepped the more traditional motifs to stitch up one of my favourite Carl Sagan quotes, along with a slightly wonky – let’s call it artistic – freehand interpretation of the Milky Way using random space-y colours I found at Fabricland.  I love how it turned out!

I’ve decided this craft isn’t for the faint of heart… learning cross stitch gave me even more appreciation for artists like the ones at mr x stitch.

Carl Sagan cross stitch

A close-up of the Milky Way, if you like the design…

Carl Sagan cross stitch square

I’m using it to fancy up my kitchen.

Carl Sagan cross stitch framedI’m well on my way to geeking out my kitchen: check out these fantastic N7 tea towels Jess made me for Christmas…

N7 tea towelsMore coming as soon as I have time to finish up some projects.  The Large Hadron Collider quilt, on the other hand, is going to be a while yet :)

8 thoughts on “F Yeah Cross Stitch

  1. “F Yeah Cross Stitch | DIY Geekery” was a remarkable post, cannot help but wait to look at much more of ur postings.

    Time to squander a little time on-line lolz. Thanks for your effort ,

  2. There is definitely a lack of commercial cross stitch that isn’t flowers, cats or country cottages. Luckily there are resources out there – I’ve just ordered a DNA pattern from Etsy and can’t wait to get started!

      1. Thanks! I’m planning on using it as a teaching aid in a future blog post for double-motivation!

        I’ve yet to make a pattern myself (beyond small-card size) but graph paper does seem like the way forward, especially if you want to avoid using too many colours. I’m still undecided on the use of special software.

        I look forward to seeing more inspirational geeky cross-stitch patterns; the galaxy looks awesome despite what you say!

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