Angry Birds Green Pig – Ornament Sized

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Green pig Christmas ornament 2

I’ve been busy making Christmas presents for many of the folks on my list – I’d originally planned to give handmade gifts to everyone but unless I find a way to reverse the space-time continuum that simply won’t happen.  I haven’t posted for a while since it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see your gift online before you receive it, but I’ll put up a few things during the holidays :)

However… this little Green Pig ornament from Angry Birds has already found its new home, so I can post the pattern!  There are a few great free patterns online for Pigs already but they’re more in the 10cm or larger range: this little guy is only 3-4 cm high, perfect for hanging on a Christmas tree (or anywhere else you like).

Green pig Christmas ornament 3

BTW I don’t own Angry Birds, so please don’t sell these or the pattern.

What you’ll need:

  • green yarn (worsted weight)
  • size F/3.75mm crochet hook
  • stuffing
  • black felt for nostrils
  • googly eyes (or more felt)
  • glue (or needle and thread) to attach eyes and nostrils

Head/Body (where is his body anyway?)

  • 1) ch 4
  • 2) turn, sc x 2, 3 sc in last ch (work around the corner to the other side of the chain), sc x 2 in the other side of the ch, 3 sc in last ch (now you’re back where you started, and have an oval shape) (10)
  • 3) *sc, inc* x 5 (15)
  • 4) *sc x 2, inc* x 5 (20)
  • 5) *sc x 3, inc* x 5 (25)
  • 6-9) sc around for 4 rounds (25)
  • 10) *sc x 3, invdec* x 5 (20)
  • 11) *sc x 2, invdec* x 5 (15)
  • 12) *sc, invdec* x 5 (10)… now add stuffing
  • 13) invdec around until flap covers hole, FO and weave in tail

Ears (make 2)

  • 1) ch 4
  • 2) turn, hdc, dc, hdc, then FO and use tail to sew ear to head


  • 8 sc in magic ring, then FO and use tail to sew nose to head, squishing it a bit to make it oval

Now glue/sew on eyes and nostrils, and add a loop of yarn to the top of its head if you’re making an ornament to hang.  You can pull a loop of yarn loose on the bottom of his nose to make a little mouth (see picture).  Quick, easy and cute :)

3 thoughts on “Angry Birds Green Pig – Ornament Sized

    1. Sorry, forgot to include that! FO stands for Finish Off… in other words cut the yarn (leaving a bit of a tail) and thread the tail through the loop on your hook so it won’t unravel.

      From there, you can either weave in the tail, or keep your tail if you want to use it to sew on another piece.

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