Weighted Companion Cube Quilt: How-To

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I’m so excited someone wants to make the Portal quilt, and that ukky369 made my Liara pattern... she looks great!  If you’re out there and you have any suggestions, let me know and I can tweak the pattern.  Also there was a bunny on my lawn when I got home from work, so that’s pretty much a trifecta of awesome all in one day.

Back to the quilt: here’s another pic of it that’s more face-on.  I don’t know a good way to hang a big heavy blanket to photograph, but I hope you’ll get the idea.

The quilt is 23 x 23 squares with a 1.5″ border.  I cut out 4″ squares and left a 1/4″ seam allowance, for a final size of 83.5″ squared (about 7 feet on a side, except somehow it ended up a bit bigger than that).

At 1 square per ‘pixel’, you’ll need 529 total squares:

  • 96 black squares
  • 39 pink squares
  • 140 dark grey squares
  • 254 light grey squares

Not a quick project, but quilts tend to be time-consuming.  On the other hand, I love this blanket and use it all the time: it’s cozy and durable.  The backing was made using the same dark grey fabric, with standard weight quilt batting sandwiched in the middle.  All the stitching was done with a Brother 5000H sewing machine (not a fancy one), rolling the blanket tightly to fit it into the machine to quilt the middle sections.

A few more pics for detail if you’d like… hope that helps!


Subaru8MySox made a crocheted version!!!  I’m just in awe of the work involved: consider my socks knocked off.  Is it wrong of me to want two of these, one in crochet?  I may have to settle for trying to make her bearded lady hat instead :)

4 thoughts on “Weighted Companion Cube Quilt: How-To

  1. AHH, AHH, AHH, AHH..! MUST LEARN TO SEW! Thank you SO much for this idea, it’s absolutely incredible! Imagine an 8-bit mario/zelda/metroid/whatever quilt..! I’ve seen an 8-bit 1-up mushroom rug made out of crocheted granny squares, which I will definitely make, but nothing like this! if I actually end up making this (next year, after Christmas!) I’ll give you an update and post a picture :)

    1. 8-bit quilts aren’t a bad place to start, since everything is squares and straight lines. This is only the second quilt I’ve made (just started working on a third). BTW if you make your crochet project and would like to show if off, send me a pic and I’ll post it :D

      Happy crafting!

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