Mass Effect Thane Krios Amigurumi

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More Mass Effect plushies!  I haven’t given up on Legion, but I’ve discovered I can’t get basic electronics supplies locally and will have to try my luck online.  A geth just isn’t a geth without a face that lights up (don’t worry, I won’t electrocute myself/blow myself up/set Legion on fire… I hope).

In the meanwhile, here’s Thane Krios: a ninja-assassin-lizard, for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about.  Kepral’s syndrome not included.

I’m not entirely happy with how his jacket turned out, but that won’t affect the pattern as written.  You may want to use felt instead of yarn for the jacket details if you’re making one for yourself.

Thane Krios Amigurumi Pattern

To make the gills, there’s a trick using half-double crochet stitches to create a striped/ribbed effect.  See tutorial here by Jenn Ozkan if you haven’t used this technique before: it also makes a really nice crocheted scarf if you’re so inclined!

I’m going to be branching away from Mass Effect for a while… at least until my shipment of gizmos arrives :)

8 thoughts on “Mass Effect Thane Krios Amigurumi

      1. Excellent! She’s easily my favourite character.
        Will you be using LEDs to light up Legion’s face? They’re pretty cheap off ebay, check the modelling section as train enthusiasts use them in their model trains.

    1. Eventually… just haven’t had time to tackle him yet. Legion and Shep are in the works, along with a few miscellaneous other projects. Too many ideas, not enough time :)

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