Mass Effect Liara Amigurumi

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I’ve been on a Mass Effect kick lately.  I started making Legion but he’s way more complicated than I’d anticipated, so I finished a quick Liara T’Soni plushie in the meanwhile.  The pattern is in a typical amigurumi style (big head, cutesy), is simple and easy to make, and stands about 6″/15 cm tall.

Here’s the pattern for anyone who wants it:

Mass Effect Liara amigurumi pattern

Now I have to figure out how to crochet a robot with a chest wound.  Hmmm…

15 thoughts on “Mass Effect Liara Amigurumi

    1. Absolutely! I’ve made a few Mass Effect characters now… just click the “Amigurumi and Crochet Patterns” link and choose Garrus. The pattern pdf is linked in the post.

      Happy crafting :)

  1. Hi,
    This pattern is super cute, but I’m stuck after round 5. Do I crochet up and down the hair thingies, or go under them, and if I do go under them, how do I do that?
    I’m fairly new to amigurumi, so sorry if this is a really simple problem!

    1. Hi Maggie :) After you make the hair thingies, keep going around in the original circle (under them). To do that, put your hook in the back post of the crochet stitch at the base of the hair thingy (basically just pretend they aren’t there… then use thread to tack them down to the head when you’re finishing up your amigurumi).
      Hope that helps!

    2. No problem! When you’re making the hair thingies, you’ll crochet out from the head and then back in again. Once you’ve finished that round, ignore the hair thingies and go under them by putting your crochet hook through a loop of the stitches above to make the next round (technically not a single crochet stitch but it won’t show). Just pretend they’re not there. They’ll be sticking out but you’ll sew them down onto the head when you’re finishing up the amigurumi.
      Hope that helps :)

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