Mass Effect Reaper Amigurumi

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Reaper square

For non-gamers, the villains of the Mass Effect trilogy are giant robot space squids called the Reapers. Actually the real villain is… well, I’m not going to go there.  Giant robot space squids are way more fun to crochet.  I haven’t seen a pattern for these guys yet, so I made one.  Then I stuck it in my backyard since it was too dark indoors to take pictures, and now my neighbours probably think I’m weird :)

I woke up to my husband attacking me with this, headcrab-style.  Gordon Freeman would not approve.  I wrote up a pdf of the pattern for anyone who wants it, since it’s too long for a blog post.  Nothing difficult, but there are a lot of pieces.

Mass Effect Reaper amigurumi pattern

Now, what to make next?

25 thoughts on “Mass Effect Reaper Amigurumi

  1. Freaking adorable! Silly evil squids… I chose to CONTROL you! It sounds like you need to crochet a crowbar next… :)

      1. Ummm… it might be a little while, but I’m definitely going to finish him. His shape is tricky (at least with yarn), but I’m getting there.

  2. I think I love you. ^_^ My husband has been wanting a Reaper Plushy for a while now, This will speed me along a lot. Thank you so much!! I’m looking forward to making this ^_^ This little guy makes me smile so much!!! “I am the Vanguard of your Slumber!”

    1. And husbands attacking with a reaper like a head-crab part made fall out of my seat laughing! ^_^ I would like to make a Head-Crab hat tho someday.

      1. LOL! Just be warned, it takes a little while (and using bulky yarn, ends up about 2 feet long). If you left out the pipe cleaners that make the tail stand up it could totally be the Vanguard of your Slumber, although that might take a little explaining if you have houseguests. I have the inexplicable urge to wear this thing as a fascinator if I’m ever invited to an event that requires one…

  3. I’m Thinking of going the Fabric route for mine, Pipe cleaners may or may not be needed by the time I start stuffing him. The ‘tail” may not need pipe cleaners after those are stuffed. It’s the Hand-Legs that I’w worried about. Not sure yet if we want to give limited movement to those it can hug his face lol! Or outstretch to do lasers at others. No laser included sadly haha. Unless I can make it work *Scheme Scheam*.

    Mine will end up 2 feet long as well, and a bit fat on the underside so I can add Straps and use him as a bag :) I can only imagine the looks he would get ^_^. As far as House guests go, I some how end up talking about Mass Effect to them and convincing them to play it.
    After I draft out the pattern and finish him I will be sure to send a link of it your way!! Your reaper has given me a LOT of inspiration! Thanks so much!!

    1. That’s fantastic! One of my favourite things about starting this blog has been finding other people who are just as geeky as I am :)

      Can’t wait to see how your Reaper turns out…

    1. Congratulations on learning how to crochet, and enjoy the patterns :D You may find yourself with a strange compulsion to buy vast quantities of yarn…

  4. I found this pattern three months ago and was filled with sadness at my lack of crocheting skills. A month ago, a friend decided to teach me to crochet. I rediscovered this pdf I’d saved, and just spent the past week crocheting nonstop when I wasn’t working. Now my fish tank is in danger from invasion.
    This guy is adorable. Thank you so much for posting the pattern! <3

  5. Have you ever thought about crocheting and making a pattern for Tali’Zorah?
    Tali is my fave Mass effect character that I adore to pieces and I totally want one of her, but simply can’t find a pattern anywhere online.

    1. Definitely! Tali is a great character. I have a few projects planned at the moment but I may get around to making her eventually.

      If you’d rather not wait, you could use my basic humanoid pattern in Tali colours, and use some felt to make her mask, hood and details of her outfit. Come to think of it that’s probably what I’ll do anyway.

      Happy crafting :)

    1. Congratulations on finishing the Reaper… it seems the Earth invasion is stepping up :) If there’s anything you’d suggest to make it less “painful” please let me know: I’m always up for improving my patterns.

  6. Is it weird the first thing I thought of after seeing this pattern was making reaper gloves? I have no idea whether I can make it work, but I’m picturing it as sort of hand-puppet like when it’s done.

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