Amigurumi No-Face (Kaonashi) from Spirited Away

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I love Studio Ghibli movies: Spirited Away is my favourite.  I’ve never seen a pattern posted for No-Face, and thought he’d be easy to make since his body is a simple shape.  So here it is, my first pattern!  Of course, I don’t own the character or the movie: please feel free to use the pattern, but don’t sell the pattern or anything you make with it.


I added a twist to make him more like the movie character…


What you’ll need:

  • black yarn (I used cheapie Red Heart Super Saver worsted weight)
  • 3.75 mm (size F) crochet hook
  • white and pink felt
  • black and silver/gray embroidery floss
  • white and pink thread to attach face and mouth to body (you could also use glue)
  • stuffing (I used polyfill with a bit of unpopped popcorn in the base)

He’s worked entirely in the round with single crochet (sc), increase (inc), and invisible decrease (invdec) stitches.  Nothing tricky here if you’re a beginner.  Here are some closeups for embroidering the face — I’ve never embroidered before as you can tell :)


Head and body (make 1):

  • 1) sc 6 in magic ring (6)
  • 2) inc2 x 6 (12)
  • 3) *sc, inc* x 6 (18)
  • 4) *sc x 2, inc* x 6 (24)
  • 5) *sc x 3, inc* x 6 (30)
  • 6 – 13) sc around for 8 rounds (30)
  • 14) *sc x 4, inc* x 6 (36)
  • 15) *sc x 5, inc* x 6 (42)
  • 16 – 17) sc around for 2 rounds (42)
  • 18) ch 28 then sc 14 starting in the 28th sc from round 17 (this makes the mouth opening)
  • 19 – 20) sc around for 2 rounds (42)
  • 21) *sc x 6, inc* x 6 (48)
  • 22-36) sc around for 14 rounds (48)
  • 37) *sc x 6, invdec* x 6 (42)
  • 38 – 42) sc around for 5 rounds (42)
  • 43) sc around but work in the back post only (42)
  • 44) *sc x 5, invdec* x 6 (36) (work in the inside loop of the previous round, this is a bit fiddly but rounds 43 and 44 will help make a flat bottom so he doesn’t tip over)
  • 45) *sc x 4, invdec* x 6 (30)
  • 46) *sc x 3, invdec* x 6 (24)
  • 47) *sc x 2, invdec* x 6 (18)
  • 48) *sc x 1, invdec* x 6 (12)
  • 49) invdec around until the hole can be covered over by the flap of your working yarn, weave in tail to close off bottom
  • You don’t need to stuff him yet because you’ve left an open mouth

Circles for top and bottom of mouth (make 2):

  • 1) sc 6 in magic ring (6)
  • 2) inc x 6 (12)
  • 3) *sc, inc* x 6 (18)
  • 4) *sc x 2, inc* x 6 (24)
  • 5) *sc x 3, inc* x 6 (30)
  • 6) *sc x 4, inc* x 6 (36)
  • 7) *sc x 5, inc* x 6 (42)
  • Finish off and leave a long tail to sew mouth to head/body

Felt pieces

  • Size of felt pieces will depend on the weight of your yarn and size of your hook
  • Face: cut out an oval of white felt and embroider on a face (or use felt, markers, etc. if you don’t like embroidery)
  • Mouth: fold your pink felt in half, put it inside No-Face’s mouth and trace the edges, then cut out the resultant figure-8 shape
  • Teeth: use scrap white felt to cut out little teeth; I deliberately made them irregular for a scarier effect


Don’t like sewing?  Just replace ‘sew’ with ‘glue’ here, unless you’re really expecting a lot of wear and tear.

  • Sew face to front of head (over middle of mouth area)
  • Optional: stuff lower 1/3 of body with unpopped popcorn kernels or other heavier stuff (helps with stability)
  • Stuff remaining head and body with stuffing of choice (I used polyfill)
  • Use the long tail on your black yarn circles to sew them into head/body to form the roof and floor of No-Face’s mouth
  • Sew pink felt figure-8 into mouth (pink thread)
  • Sew teeth into mouth (white thread — it didn’t show through the black yarn if I pulled it tight)

Now have fun scaring people with this guy!  Or just use him to store your spare coins ;)

Like this?  Wanna see more?  Leave me a comment…

25 thoughts on “Amigurumi No-Face (Kaonashi) from Spirited Away

  1. Umm, this is so creepy. I love it. This is exactly the kind of thing I want to make… once I learn to crochet. Add it to my list of things to do, I guess…

    Nice work!

    1. So very creepy. Learning to crochet was way easier than I thought… there are some great beginner tutorials at the Nerdigurumi website. I only started a few months ago :)

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog and I’m so glad I did! Was searching for something to make my sister for Christmas (something Japanese related as she’s going to Japan to teach) and I know she loves no face and Spirited Away so this is perfect. Cannot wait to get started :D

  3. This pattern is really well done! I can’t wait to try making a No-Face of my own. How large is the finished product?

    1. It’s about 8″/20cm high, using worsted weight yarn and a 3.75 mm size F crochet hook. You could make a bigger or smaller Kaonashi by changing the size of the yarn and hook.

      Have fun with the pattern :D

  4. Great pattern, I love that you included the monster mouth opening; this is the first I’ve seen someone do that! I’m making one as a gift, and I’m planning to leave out the top and bottom of the mouth, then add a zipper to the opening so it can be used for holding things – hopefully it’ll look as good in reality as it does in my head;P

    1. Great idea! You could keep your spare coins in there… :)

      If you find it won’t hold its shape without stuffing (if you’re leaving the inside empty), you may want to partially stuff the head and bottom, or line the inside with a roll of cardboard. Some unpopped popcorn in the bottom could work too.

  5. Thanks for creating this pattern, so cute! :)

    I’m actually crocheting this pattern, I have a question though. I’m right on round 18) now, and I don’t quite understand what to do. So for round 18), am I supposed to crochet 28 chain stitches, then single crochet 14 stitches on the chain stitch, and then count the 28th stitch on round 17 and start single crocheting on that until round 18 is finished? Please check if I’m interpreting your pattern correctly. I would really appreciate your help!
    Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Yes, that’s correct! The chain stitches are used to make a bridge across where you’d normally just keep single crocheting around. You’re still working in the same direction around (no turns).

      This part makes the hole where the mouth will go. I made a great big mouth but if you want a smaller opening, just chain fewer stitches before you start single crocheting again.

      Hope that helps :)

      1. Thanks for your help! I still didn’t quite get why we need to sc 14 on the chain stitch. I ended up just crochet 28 chain stitches and started single crocheting on the 28th from rnd 17. It seems to work so far. Right now, I’m working on the body part :)

      2. That’s what I intended… don’t sc in your chain, just keep working around and your Kaonashi will have an opening for his mouth.


  6. Hey there! I’d like your permission to please use the very top image for an article I have written? Your image was the closest to the dream I had involving a ‘No Face’ sort of character doll. I have referred the image to yourself and put a link to this very blog. If you want me to remove them, just let me know. Many Thanks, Locksley.

  7. Question – on round 44, I’m a bit confused by your wording. You say “work in the inside loop of the previous round.” Does that mean working in the back loop only? I’m assuming that’s what you mean, but I’m not sure.

    Lovely pattern, thank you!

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